Kids need Camp and Camp needs YOU!

Are you interested in making life-long friends, leading awesome activities, impacting a child’s life, a new type of ministry, enjoying God’s creation, and growing your faith while helping others grow?
Please take a look at our positions for the Summer of 2023! We have Lead Positions & Staff Positions open for you! If you don’t know what you might be best at, feel free to go ahead & fill out an application, we will give you a call & work together to find a great position for you!

Fill out the application on the last section of this page titled: “Camp Harvest – Summer Staff”

Camp Support Staff
Support staff and leads will be doing mostly all the same tasks minus a few lead specific jobs (ex. Giving medicine, creating schedules, purchasing merchandise). Lifeguarding daily during water activities .If you can play an instrument or sing you can join our worship team. Help maintain a clean and safe environment for all campers. Reffing and helping during all camp games/activities. Lead a camp activity (ex. Zipline, archery, paintball). Serving meals and cleaning up meals. Many of the lead positions need others that can help with responsibilities (ex. Camp Store associate, Health officer assistant, Water assistant..)

Female Lead
Lead Discipleship Program for female summer staff, first line of problem solving for any/all female summer staff, lead daily/weekly operations team.

Male Lead
Lead discipleship Program for male summer staff, first line of problem solving for any/all female summer staff, lead daily/weekly operations team.

Aquatics Lead
Train all lifeguards (including CPR, AED, & first aid), schedule all in-service training, admin for Starguard portal, establishing lifeguard rotations, clean all boats, kayaks, canoes, quality checks on all aquatics equipment, inventory and ordering of lifeguard equipment, maintain and possess aquatics med bag, coordinate river float trips, and manage power boat tubing activity.

Lead Health Officer
In charge of all health forms, medications and injury response & management. Lead initial health check process at beginning of each camp, including collection of all medications. Manage a visitor check-in and log. Manage early and late arrival and departure. Maintain and possess a health officer med bag. Create a health officer schedule, and train other health officers.

Commerce Lead
Buying & selling of merch & snacks, management of all inventory, balancing out cash box on daily basis, safe deposits, working with vendors for initial orders and restock orders throughout summer.

Activity Lead
Train staff on all activities, including safe operation, function and purpose. Level 1 Course management (ACCT certification for zipline and climbing wall.) Keeping track of inventory and order/reorder activity supplies as needed. Schedule summer staff on activities, manage activity prize program.

Band Lead
FOH engineer for all sessions & events.. Ensure ProPresenter is prepped for each session. Maintaining all AV equipment (basement, dining hall, portable equipment). Store and charge all wireless speakers each night. Setup all portable AV equipment for programming (big game, evening activities, etc).